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Blush Flowers for a Memorial Service

Selecting flower arrangements for deceased family member's memorial service or funeral can be difficult, especially if the passed was not fond of any specific blossoms. A great hue to consider using in an instance like this is blush.

Blush funeral flower bouquets are slightly lighter than pink and slightly darker than white, making them suitable for both a female or male deceased loved one's memorial service. Plus the hue can be mixed in with greenery for a more masculine feel or with purple or pink blossoms to make the blush tones more girlie. Once you've settled on blush, you'll need to decide what type of arrangements would best represent your lost family member. Funeral easel standing sprays can be designed into shapes like a heart or a cross, or can be made as just a beautiful bouquet. Casket sprays that lay on top of a closed casket are another beautiful option and offer a sense of life amidst the tragedy.